Practice of Faith in Maldives

Maldives is one of the most loved countries in South Asia because of its beaches and Islands. All people in Maldives are bound to only one religion, that is Islam. It is stated in the government’s law that they can not change their religion because they country wants to protect its original religion. Perhaps, they are afraid that once a person changes his or her religion, many will follow and then eventually the religion will gradually disappear. With their population of less than five thousand, it is easy for it to disappear. Of course, it is also one nation and it regarded itself as one.

Actually, the festivals and annual celebrations are based on Islamic religious practices. Most of their biggest festivals are Islamic celebrations like Ramadan, Rabee-ul Awwal, Eid’s Festival and others. Many people prepare themselves well for all the greatest festivals that they have because this involves about their spirituality. Since all of them are filled with passion, there are parades and celebrations during those days.