Perfect Beaches for tourist destination

There are so many tourist attractions that we can see in the land of  Maldives especially beaches. We are so amazed to see many beautiful islands perfect for beaches in the land of Maldives.


Biyadhoo is the number one visited island in Maldives. Water is so clear and so clean perfect for beach destination. As there are so many islands, Biyadhoo is the perfect one for you.


Never miss this island because the beach is here is very special. Many couples and lovers come to this island to feel the peacefulness the island give. Although heat is so scorching, people can not get out from this beach.Going to Kuredo Island is an adventure luck.


Meeru Beach is never forgotten because of its white and crystal like sand. Though burrowing feet on the ground is very nice and it can give an amazing feeling of ecstasy.


Kandooma Beach is so stunning. Because water is so clear so it is very transparent that those who are playing on water are so amazed because some tourist can first time see clear.


The location of the island is so perfect that and is accessible for us. Unlike other e bay that they use boat. Visit this beach and experience many in the island. What I like here is that people ‘s phone re resistant when during summer. The above is  just explains how amazing Maldives is. A lot of things can see the perfect shape of the island.