The facts in numbers of the tourist arrivals in Maldives of different nationalities

Year after year the travelers are increasing in different countries. Tourism is now being promoted and each country is competing to attract visitors as the tourism industry could be a source of income for many and it really helps the locality who are in poor condition. As many remote places are being discovered to be a tourist spot so those who are in the locality who have no livelihood can have jobs because of the effect of tourism. Today let’s look at Maldives facts.

You can see in the infographic the records of the tourist arrivals in Maldives. It is growing steadily and healthily as many tourist spots in the country could not be compared to other places. And it is already an established tourists spots and many have already been there and they testify to the good and rewarding experience. The tourists that go to Maldives mostly came from the Asia Pacific. the number one country that topped the ranks of visitors is China and even if India is second but they have a very large gap. What makes this marketing great is its effective. A digital marketing source is the best to use in business. This is quite interesting to know.

The country of Japan is the third and then Korea. The Australian nation is also growing to be included in the list. When we look into the European countries, the number one is the country of Germany followed by UK, Russia, Italy, and France. But the arrivals from other countries is also growing that includes the US, Middle East, and Africa. With these figures, we can say that the country has already its won established market and potential market.