Maldives Lifestyle and Culture

Each country has different culture and lifestyle. Due to the influence of other countries, so the culture and lifestyle of the people have been mixed with their original culture. Even their language had been influenced by other nation. The Maldivians don’t actually regard marriage as sacred. In fact, Maldivians are considered to have the highest rate of divorce. Divorce happens because of the difference in  belief that causes quarrels later.

Maldives is such a beautiful country which comprises of islands. Popular tourist destinations are located here such as beach and resorts. Though the culture and lifestyle of the Maldivians were influenced by nations like India, you can still find its uniqueness.


Dhivehi is the official language in Maldives. Tourists don’t have to worry much because Maldivians can speak English very well.

Traditional Costume

Simplicity is beauty itself. This famous saying is actually applicable in Maldives. Their traditional costume is simple yet beautiful. The weather in this country is tropical. Because of this, their costume is made of the cotton fabric. For men, their costume is known as “sarong” while women’s costume is known as Iibaas.

Just like other countries who have traditional costumes, these costumes are worn whenever there are special events like festivals.

Music and Dance

Their music is accompanied by dancing. Whenever music performers do their performance on stage, audience  enjoy their time while listening to the music and dancing. Their music is both traditional and modern. It’s very amazing that there are also Maldivians who became famous singers, songwriters, and performers.

Truly, everything about Maldives, their culture and lifestyle is very amazing!