An educational tour to the 13 species that compose the marine life

If you want to advance yourself to learn about the marine life that you can see in your vacation to the amazing island then you can start with the thirteen species that you can find in the infographic below. There are many species that could be found on the island as it is also a home for the many fishes of thousands of kinds. You can be able to see the coral reefs and can swim together with the sharks. Here is the list of different fishes.

In the infographic, you can read about the whitetip kind of reef shark that could be found on the island. For those who still have the notion that every shark can kill you and eat you then you have to know that the kind of shark above is not aggressive to humans. That is why you can swim together with them and explore what is underneath the ocean that not many people could see personally unless they visit the site. Many just see the pictures.

One more kind of fish is the manta ray that usually lives on the reef. That is why the reef is very important because it is a home for thousands of fishes and it is where they can reproduce for the people to have them and they makes again. There are many more of the fish and so you can make a note of the ones that are presented above so that you can name some of the fish when you travel. And you need this hearing aid in your travel. You can find best one over this site 識覺助聽器. More details from the site.