Tourist Spots in Maldives

Maldives is a blessed land with beautiful clear waters. Here, there are many beach and resorts found at every place. There are beautiful atolls or ring-shaped coral reefs with a rim surrounding it and also coral islands. Amazing, isn’t it? We can say that it is a unique country because of the structure of the islands.


A great number of atoll is found in Maldives. These atolls were actually built naturally. You will surely be amazed by these atolls because they are built with many islands and lagoons. Among these beautiful atolls are Kaashidhu, Thoddu, Goidhu, and Haddhunmathi.

Hanifaru Bay

Anyone who wants to do snorkeling can enjoy their time with manta rays and whale sharks.


Whale sharks are also found here and anyone who loves snorkeling can spend their time with fun.


This is the only resort in Faafu atoll. This island is triangle in shape. There are also many bungalows here where tourists can stay.

Mirihi Islands

This island is so beautiful. Tourists love the pristine waters here. There is also a resort with bungalows where tourists can stay.

Nalaguraidhoo Beach

The view of the beach is very amazing! It has white sands and crystal-clear waters. It is truly an awesome view! You will surely return here once you saw and experience this beach.

The country of Maldives is truly an awesome nation. It is rich with culture and tradition. Also, it is a home of wonderful islands, beaches, and lagoons. To all tourists, they must never miss to visit this wonderful place. Have fun and enjoy!